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Welcome to Echelon Environmental - CDS Stormwater Treatment

At Echelon Environmental, we strive to do our part for the environment by providing strategically engineered solutions for a variety of applications, including Stormwater, Wastewater, CSO, Odour Control, Rainwater Harvesting and LID technologies. We offer custom designed process equipment and systems for the effective removal of pollutants such as TSS, Hydrocarbons, Phosphorous and VOC’s. We have multidisciplinary in-house and field staff with a wide range of technical experience allowing us to not only provide our clients with process technology solutions but also to provide strong support for equipment installation, commissioning and after-sales service.



  • njcatProducts widely approved by regulatory agencies such as Ontario Ministry of Environment and Conservation Authorities
  • In-house engineering support for system design
  • Systems incorporate an internal by pass weir to accommodate peak flows during high intensity storm events.


  • Units designed to Canadian Highway and Bridge standards.
  • Able to accommodate multiple inlet pipes + various pipe angles.
  • All units are manufactured in Ontario for fast delivery.


  • Small footprint minimizes excavation requirements.
  • Systems manufactured to keep weights to a minimum
  • Echelon Technician onsite to assist with installation.
  • Custom start-up & O&M (operation and maintenance) Manual provided for each project